SpyMeSatGov 1.1.0 - May 2017

Fixed: Special characters in EV-WHS password were causing account lockout.

Added scene to allow user to change EV-WHS info.

Added latest satellites (Cartosat-2C, SkySat-C1, SkySat-C2, SkySat-C3, SkySat-C4, SkySat-C5, Gokturk-1A, Resurs-P2, Resurs-P3, Pathfinder-1, NuSat-1, NuSat-2, PeruSat-1) to bring up to date with SpyMeSat.

Added “Select All” option to Satellites page.

SpyMeSatGov 1.0.7 iOS, 1.0.5 Android - April 2016

Initial Release

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